ETA thanks for proving me wrong mp with a post that sounds like why it okay to assault your brother in law.

I don't want to share the comments directly to GT because I don't want to encourage piling on but my GAWD!

Some people take issue with the one sided attitudes on this site and reading through the comments here, I couldnt agree more. I mean come on. I watched the video and she attacked him. If the roles were reversed people wouldnt be laughing and joking about it. They would be outraged that a man assaulted a woman... so where is the outrage here? If feminism is truly about equality, surely you should all be getting outraged at this blatant attack.

This sort of attitude just emphasizes the one sided mentality of the Feminists here. You talk a good game about equality but when this silliness happens, its all laughs.

The next time an article appears on here about some male attacking a female and everyone is up in arms, the comments here can be linked to show just how hypocritical you all are.



THIS is female privilege. Getting away with this sort of shit.


You have to laugh or you will lose all faith in humanity.