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The sore loser uprising may be imminent

What follows is some thoughts cobbled together that are based on my senses from taking in all of these narratives about Drumpf. These aren’t complete, and I may change my mind tomorrow at some point - but I’ve been thinking about them and wanted to discuss them.

Yesterday morning on my way to work, I was thinking about Drumpf (I know, bad way to start a day) and his appeal for his followers. The author of one of his books (the one about deals) has suggested that Drumpf feels as though he has been a victim of others all of his life. People in school laughed at him, others in business laughed at him - people thought he was a joke and didn’t take him seriously. He feels as though he has had it hard in life, and his run for presidency seemingly arose out of something akin to a (joking) dare as a way to “show them.”

My hunch is that this narrative of feeling like a victim to those more powerful resonates with his followers. My sense is that they are predominantly white men who feel like they haven’t gotten what they deserve. They point to immigrants, people of color, muslims, and women as suppressing their abilities to being able to live the glorious lives they were promised.


The irony of that is that many of Drumpf’s supporters likely live lives surrounded by other people who look like them - who live in areas with small to non-existent populations of immigrants and people of color. So these supposed oppressors they point to as taking their jobs, their money, their opportunities - their manhood - are only in their minds (not to mention the whole idea is a fiction/farce). But truly, they are the true victims of an increasingly pluralistic society - which is why america needs to be great 9for them) again.

What is particularly scary about this article (linked below)- if I am true in this psychological study I’ve been trying to piece together - is that if Drumpf loses - not only will these followers not go away - Drumpf losing will reify for them this narrative that they are victims. Drumpf is setting this up so brilliantly by suggesting that if he loses, it will mean “the system is rigged.” Once again, Drumpf followers will be victims of people of color, muslims, women, and immigrants - and don’t forget women/a woman - because their true (god) candidate and their one chance at bright (white) futures will have been stolen from them.

This could be a set up for a pretty terrifying presidency for Clinton - and a scary future for all of us.

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