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I am a spendthrift. As already confessed, I waste a LOT of money. A LOT. I don’t really consider this a New Year’s Resolution, more of an end of vacation(ish) review of my empty bank account Come to Jesus Moment.

A small fraction of the things I wasted money on this year:

Manicures and pedicures - over $2000

Shoes - at least 15 pairs (5 pairs of which have never been worn) - about $1500

Energy drinks - 2 a day - over $2000 THIS IS INSANE

Bottled sparkling water - 4 a day - over $2100 ALSO INSANE

Clothes - $who knows? but it is well in the thousands (add to that the tailoring required) - The only reason I “needed” new clothes is I’ve gained weight, and instead of losing the weight, I bought new clothes. Dumb.


Hangers to fit all the new, and old, clothes in the closet - $250

Luggage - $700 (there was nothing wrong with my old luggage)

I will not cut out my travel or personal trainer, but for at least the next 6 months, no new clothes, shoes, energy drinks, mani/pedis (except prior to travel), and all the other things I waste money on. I don’t NEED anything. My goal is to purchase only groceries, gas, trainer sessions, and hair appointments with the result being $XX added to my bank account. This still gives me a big cushion within my monthly budget for things like gifts, charitable contributions, insurance payments, and emergencies. 

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