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The Sponsored Item Is So Ugly You Can't Even Tell What It Is


Update: Several Groupthinkers had simultaneous corrections they sent in for my post. The above objects are:


• Fancy throwing stars
• A new and revolutionary form of transportation
• Lead slugs for an old fashioned LinoType machine
• Fake baby teeth made of metal
• Robot testicles (explicitly stated)
• Robot boogers (implied)
• Earrings for welders
• A psychological test
• Weights "for when you gotta hide the body in water"
• Wearable USB ports
• Horsehoe nails, sparkly
• Only $185 dollars!

Update 2: A visual guide to deciphering the contents has also been provided courtesy of LaurensJam. Text supplied by the tipster reads "ROBOT DINOSAURS TAKING A NAP."

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