So, the other day I had this first-world problem fear grip me.

I really like writing the Board Games With OregonBeast posts. And here's a quick shameless paragraph linking you to the 15 board games I've written about so far:

[Takenoko] [Snake Oil] [Tsuro] [Dixit] [The Resistance] [Hey, That's My Fish!] [Ticket To Ride] [Survive: Escape From Atlantis] [Castle Panic] [Small World] [Qwirkle] [Elder Sign] [Carcassonne] [Jaipur] [Tokaido]

But, back to the fear. I started wondering: What if I run out of games to talk about?


I made a mistake early on, in that I was so enthusiastic on my first few write-ups that I wrote them too close to each other. You'll see in a second how this might be causing a problem now. Right now, I write up one game a week.

I put a couple of limitations on myself that hurts the amount of source material. First, they aren't reviews or critiques. I only write about games I like to play myself. You're never going to see one of my posts talk about how much a game sucks. They're more sales pitches so I can see the hobby grow.


Second, I'm getting a real late start on building my collection, so it's not particularly big. And I won't be adding games fast enough to write up a new one each week. Not that I need to own a game before I do a write-up, I can source the fun I had playing games that others own, but it does help. Some publishers do send out demo copies of new games to reviewers, but again, since I'm not doing reviews, that's not an option here, and it's not like these BGWOB posts are going to bring in the amount of traffic to get that sort of attention, anyways.

Now, I'm not in any immediate hurry. I made a list of the games I haven't written up yet, and we're good on once-a-week posts for another five months, even if I were to not buy a single game.


But I still want to add some breathing room here. So I've come up with some ideas and want to see what the Hivemind thinks:

  • BGWOB focuses on modern board games. Maybe a sub-series looking at older games we're all familiar with, such as chess, backgammon, Go, etc.? And maybe pointing out the newer games that draw their influence from these old games? (Example: Sorry! is a total pachisi ripoff)
  • Rather than discuss the games, posts that talk about game mechanics or game styles. (Example: the Euro-style game is all Hitler's fault)
  • Write less often (NOT A DESIRABLE OPTION).

So, let me know what you all think or if you might have some alternative ideas to throw out there.