In Feb., 28 year old Louis Jones-Bernard, the son of Andy Jones, (a comedian from Newfoundland best know for appearing in the Comedy Troupe CodCo) and Mary-Lynn Bernard, committed suicide after a long struggle with mental illness. Unlike many families touched be suicide and mental illness, his family decided to be very open about what happened to their son. His obituary begins:

"Passed away by his own hand after a lengthy and brave battle with mental illness, Louis Elphage Wynn Jones Bernard, age 28 years."

Mary Walsh, a comedian who worked with Andy Jones in CodCo, as well as Andy's sister Cathy Jones in both CodCo and This Hour Has 22 minutes delivered the eulogy at Louis Jones-Bernard's funeral and used it to speak openly about Louis's struggle and the way Society responds to mental illness, saying (among other things):

"Because Louis had a mental illness, to which after years of courageous struggle, he finally succumbed. He died alone. With no one around him. And nothing to ease the pain. And as a community, I don't think we can let that keep happening. We say we don't know what to do but I don't think that is any longer an acceptable excuse."

Since the funeral Louis parents have continued to talk publicly about their son, and today they gave a moving interview to the CBC radio program "The Current" which can be heard here:…