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The Story of PollyDog

It's 9th Forever Home Day. Here is a picture of her looking sweet and peaceful on the day I brought her home.

I used to live in Monterey, CA. Every Tuesday, part of downtown Monterey shut down for a farmer's market that was absolutely amazing. Fresh, fresh, fresh produce. Clothes, flowers, music, street food. It was one of my favorite things about living there, and I loved living there.


One week, I was meeting a friend after work so we could browse together. I got there before she did, so I sat on a bench on a street corner. The SPCA was advertising their services, and had brought a few dogs with them. Look at these dogs! We have more for adoption, too!

My (ex)husband and I had been looking for a dog for a bit. One dog caught my eye, so I went over to the pen. This big black puppy was clearly terrified of being there. She was trying to stay as far away from people as possible, and just shook and shook. She actively shied away from hands that reached into the pen to pet the dogs. I don't even remember what the other dogs looked like, but when I went up to the pen to look at them, the scared dog came over to me, and poked me with her nose and then let me pet her. D'awwww.

I read her accompanying papers. Eight month old black lab, good with kids and pets. Loves the car. Knows basic commands and house trained. This dog sounded awesome, and was a great age. I asked if I could walk her, to see how she responded to me, and walked her up and down the sidewalk. I sat back down on the bench, and she stood up on her hind legs, looked at me, and put her front paws around me LIKE A HUG.

I immediately started crying, because I NEEDED this dog, and my husband was still at work, and what if someone adopted her? She picked me! The SPCA told me they'd put an adoption hold on her until the close of business the following day. I told my ex about this dog when he got home, and there was no way he could get to the SPCA before the end of the adoption hold, but he told me to go adopt her as it was clear she was the dog I'd been looking for.


So, on March 9th I went to the SPCA and adopted my furry ball of neurosis. She's not a black lab, and never grew any bigger than she was. The day after I adopted her, I was taking her for a walk in our neighborhood. A family was out walking with their dog, and some of the kids started to run up to me. The dad asked "Did you adopt that dog from the Monterey SPCA? Is her name [redacted]?" Yes... "She was our dog!"

Weird feels! Then, they explained that one of their kids was learning to walk, and PollyDog and their other dog (Bob) played so rough all the time that the baby was being knocked over and getting hurt. They couldn't keep both dogs, and Bob had been part of the family for longer than PollyDog. They were relieved to hear she'd spent only two nights at the SPCA, and told me how upset they'd been to make that decision. They'd had PD for four months, adopting her as a four-month-old puppy who'd been abused. They showed me some scars she has on her head (seriously, fuck people) and told me about things she liked and disliked. We all walked away feeling better. They knew that PD was going to be loved and well cared for. I knew that PD had come from a loving situation that wasn't the right fit for her.


She's fiercely protective of me, loves to drive LONG distances, hates storms, and she can sense blood pressure changes in me and helped me recognize symptoms of a fainting episode before it happens. We've lived all over the country, and she's vacationed in CO, MN, VA, and various New England states. She can catch birds out of the air, which is horrifying, but I still brag about it.

Happy Forever Home Day to my PollyDog. Please post pictures of your furbabies! Adoption stories welcome!


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