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The story of the creepy phone-call: Continued

I wrote about this before but for everyone who missed that: Last Tuesday I got an awkward phone call from a blocked number. It went something like this :

  • Hello, this is boobiechick
  • - Hey.. It’s Bert (obviously not real name. I know 2 people by this name, my good friend and coworker who I am obviously not speaking to, and my physical therapist, who I don’t know well enough to be able to recognise his voice or not. I must conclude it must be him.)
  • Um.. hi?..
  • - ..What’re you doin?..
  • Um... eating...?
  • - ..Ah.. What’d you eat?..
  • Um.. A burger..?
  • -... you at home?..
  • Um... yeah.. (at this point I’m getting ready to ask ‘who is this?’ but then he speaks up again)
  • -... so uh.. I have to tell you something..
  • ...What is it?.. (I’m thinking maybe he’s dying and is shutting down his practice? Which would account for this very odd phonecall?)
  • -..I really like you....
  • .....ehhh.....
  • - ..does that bother you?..
  • ..um.. well.. yes it does bother me.. although I guess it’s sadder for you than for me, since I have a boyfriend (whom I’d mentioned to my PT many times)... who I live with.. who I just had dinner with... who is sitting across from me.. (boobieguy calls out ‘awkward!’)
  • -...well.... I really really like you..
  • Um.. well.. the feeling isn’t mutual?...

- he hung up -

The next day we file a complaint with my PTs manager. Thinking this is wildly inappropriate but I also didn’t feel quite right about it. We had to conclude it must be him but the manner of speaking sounded so different (hesitant and awkward, while my PT is generally upbeat and calmly energetic) and he’d never had a minute of inappropriate behaviour during our sessions. I proposed the idea that maybe it was a misdial and it was a different Bert looking for someone else but everyone figured I was being to trusting and I was wrong. The manager was very shocked at our complaint and looked into the situation thoroughly and found that it couldn’t have been my PT. He was on a soccer field at the time of the phone call. Nevertheless he checked phone records and company records to see if my info had been checked and it hadn’t. I was satisfied with this, so I decided to try and figure out who did call. Was it a misdial after all?


This afternoon, I get another call. Twice I didn’t answer (because I didn’t hear it), but the third one I did pick up.

  • Hello, this is boobiechick
  • - ...hi.. it’s me *awkward soft laugh*
  • This is Bert. Isn’t it?
  • - ..... .....Boobiechick?..
  • ...yes.. who is this?

- he hung up -

Clearly it wasn’t a misdial. He knew my name and called it again. Is someone trying to annoy me? Is it someone trying to get my PT in trouble? Is it my PT after all but he fooled his manager? Or his manager is in on it? How paranoid should one be in this case? Who called me? And why?


I can’t figure it out through my provider because that’s against privacy regulations so I’m just stuck wondering if I ever met someone by that name who maybe found out my phone number somehow. It’s an easy phone number and someone with a certain level of internetting skill can find it. But not any old Johnny off of the street.

Sooooooo... Even in a life that’s mostly lived in my own home because of my burn out, excitement and weird stories can happen. I really ought to be writing books you guys. Why does this stuff happen? ^^’


Any theories? The more outlandish, the better!

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