So I just started to watch The Strain I welcome reprieve until it got too real. There is a vampire hunter named Abraham that is a Jewish holocaust survivor. His nemisis is an SS Officer he refers to as The German. Anyhoo The German gets drunk and wants to be honest. He asks Abraham what he thinks of The Third Reich and he gets an honest answer.


Thomas Eichhorst: Ha! Ha! I think the Third Reich is in its death throes.

Abraham Setrakian: Very likely.

Thomas Eichhorst: But suppose a new Reich rose from the ashes of this one, led by a new Führer, who’s able to deliver everything Hitler promised and more.

Abraham Setrakian: I think that would be a very sad day for humanity.

Thomas Eichhorst: Quite the opposite, my friend. It’s what humanity craves: a strong leader, a visionary...


Abraham Setrakian: Visionary? Hitler is a megalomaniac who declared himself dictator.

Thomas Eichhorst: Wrong! Hitler was elected democratically! He went before the Reichstag. He asked the elected representatives of the people to grant him extraordinary powers! And they did by an overwhelming majority!


Abraham Setrakian: Because they were terrified.

Thomas Eichhorst: Yes! Terrified of democracy! They had lived through the chaos of the Weimar Republic: governments gridlocked by parties and bickering! They realized Plato was right: the republic can only be led by a philosopher king with the wisdom to look after the needs of the many.


Abraham Setrakian: Unless you are a Jew.

Thomas Eichhorst: Ah You see? This is the problem. You take all of this too personally.


Abraham Setrakian: After the murder of my family, I suppose I do.

Thomas Eichhorst: Oh, the nobility of the victim! I see. You comfort yourself with the fantasy that you’re morally superior to me, but you’re not. First day you arrived, I asked if anyone was a carpenter, and you eagerly threw up your hands! And from that day on, you’ve labored here, working on behalf of the Third Reich!


You guys that shit got really real. Like all these echoes of history is making me bananas. It’s fucking everywhere. All these signs of what’s to come, I feel like a Cassandra/Buffy combo. I see it and I wanna fight it every step of the way. The worst part for me is I want to unify, I’m a Texan I know these people. Shit The Consort was a Trump supporter before me, he voted Hilary. He loves me, he hears me a rare gem in the Herero white dude ocean. His parents on the other hand I have to work on because ya these people are gonna be my kids fucking grandparents. I don’t know I’m rambling. I don’t believe 49% of the population is evil I think they were stupid and gullible and dumb and racist lite and scared and easy so fucking easy.

I don’t want to leave Texas or the US for Canada. I’m a Texan can’t do winter or god forbid an Artic blast . But this country was built on the blood of my ancestors. My grandmother’s twin died in the night because it was dangerous for black people to travel at night. My father remembers the whites only water fountains as a kid. I’m done bleeding for this country. I will fight the Big Bad but unlike my ancestors I have options. I can always by a coat.