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The stupidity is repeating itself

Dear so-called progressive men - why are you all so fucking stupid? Pelosi is probably the best house speaker the dems have had in decades. She is massively qualified. She’s effective. I get that we all want younger, more progressive people representing us. But everyone who would be able to replace her, at this point in time, is even more conservative and right-leaning.

Don’t you ever fucking ask yourselves why the right targets women and PoC almost exclusively with their smear campaigns? It’s not just because it’s chum for their base. It’s because it works on you too. Because you have never, and will never confront the fact that you have a racist and sexist bias.

I’ve seen so much handwringing about Ocasio-Cortez, and it just keeps getting worse every day. Meanwhile Beto, who aside from some early scandals, is slowly reaching the kind of popularity (from white males) only matched by Bernie Sanders. Meanwhile he’s just as inexperienced as Ocasio-Cortez! But...white man...so let’s talk about how he should run for president. Notice how the right puts so much more effort into attacking someone like Ocasio-Cortez, but not Beto? Cause in the end they know the effort isn’t worth it. They can help their own hate Beto, but they know they won’t be able to change minds on the left.


I hear so much about how the Dems aren’t popular, and how the dems don’t have a message (again, mostly smears). But seriously - they have a message. If you don’t know the policies of politicians you vote for, then research it. Cause we’d have a lot more “popular” candidates if you actually got on board. If you actually did research. Instead of just ignoring what you don’t like about white male politicians while simultaneously acting like anything non-white/female politicians do or don’t do is some huge moral problem you can’t abide.

And it pisses me off because women get on your side. I’d happily for for Beto. But would you vote for Harris? How about Abrams?

Oh and don’t think I don’t remember you all in 2016 saying “It’s not because Hillary is a woman - I’d vote for Warren if she ran!” And now when that talk is real, suddenly all I see are reasons why she shouldn’t run.

I fucking see. you. all.

And lefty women you are doing this shit too.

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