So a few years ago my best friend moved away to an awesome state to take an awesome job. It was (and is) a good thing for her.

And then I changed jobs and lost touch with my work friends.

And then I got divorced and lost, well, a bunch of friends because people feel awkward and fade, or obligated to take sides, and that's just what happens.

And I got busy trying to put my life back together that I looked up one day and realized that my once expansive social circle has shrunk to about five or six people.

My second husband doesn't have the same need to socialize as I do, and he's happy to stay in a lot. Between that and time constraints (I don't want to spend time away from my kids on the weeks that I have them, which is half the time), I don't really get out very much, which is what everyone says to do when you need to make friends as an adult: get out and meet people!


We're going to try going to some vegetarian cooking classes this weekend, but outside of that... I haven't really found anything we're both interested in doing to meet new people.

Have any of you guys found yourselves friendless through circumstance or just life events? How did you deal? Words of wisdom? Internet hugs?