Recently, someone was discussing how she went to the "interesting" side of youtube and asked where other people went. It was a cool post, which I cannot link because Kinja hates me today. (I would like a t-shirt with "Fucking Stupid Kinja" on it.)

Anyway, I have a confession to make. I love anything, ANYTHING that discusses the supernatural. So, I adore the crazy/creepy side of youtube. If it's about ghosts, mars photos, ufos, or time travel, I am there.

It's almost embarrassing. It's not that I believe in these things. (Although, the jury is out for me on the ghost thing via some experiences that I cannot explain.) It's that I like to look at all the crazy "evidence." It's like a fun mystery. Most of it is clearly made up or insane, but I do not care. It's like ... relaxing or something. Yes. I'm strange.

I have friends who hate this stuff and mutter "Science" and other good points, under their breath. But, I cannot help myself.

So, is there anyone else out here who does this? Who loves the supernatural or the uncanny? Does it matter to you if it's real or not?



Weirdo Who Loves the whole Black-eyed Kid Thing