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The surprise wedding article

That's over at Jezebel at the moment.

What do you guys reckon? Where do GT views stand on this?

I personally think that a TOTALLY SURPRISE WEDDING could work if the bride has very specifically stated, whilst sober, on more than one occasion, unprompted, that she doesn't want to organise anything and wants a surprise wedding.


In every other conceivable circumstance I think it's a SUUUPPPEEERRR BAAAADDD IDDDEEEAAAA. Again, not talking about the couple in the article specifically, because if it works for them then that's awesome. But if this became a trend (which I judge unlikely since I don't know many guys that would voluntarily plan an entire wedding), then DANGER DANGER.

What if the bride be all like "I HAVE MY PERIOD TODAY. You know the LAST fucking thing I want to wear when I have my period? A WHITE DRESS. This is not the 1990's and I am not starring in my own personal bodyform advert".


What if the bride had really specific ideas as to what was super important to her, but was waiting until AFTER the engagement party for that discussion? EPIC FAIL.

If someone wants a pretty traditional fancy wedding and their fiancé surprises them with a wedding which is basically beer in a pub with mates. Or vice versa. Oh the disappointment potential. The awkward potential. The resentment potential.


No. Please don't let this become something that guys think is "cute and spontaneous and romantic" in every circumstance.


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