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The tale of the racist hairdresser (and tattoo artist, sort of)

So, a few weeks ago there was a really good post about Roma peoples in Europe and North America....I commented in passing about my hairdresser calling herself stuff like a " modern gypsy nomad" and her general tone deafness. It gets worse. She did redface for Halloween. Redface. A 'zombie Indian princess', how original and creative. And her boyfriend, who does my tattoos, thinks it's super cute. Well, fuck. This bothers me because I'm a native woman, and I'd prefer not to give my hard earned dollars to folks who think reducing the first peoples of North America to a costume is ok. Ceremonial objects and regalia were confiscated as recently as the 60's and bands are still fighting to get em back. My culture is Not. Your. Costume. So, what do I do? I have a touch up booked for two weeks hence and I need a bang trim, but I really want to avoid these assholes. I really want to tell them why it's not okay, too. Arg.


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