SexGod and I broke-up and then un-broke-up yesterday, all while watching TV and cuddling naked in his bed-because we are idiots. This is happening so fast. I'm tired. I'm angry. I'm scared. I'm horny. I want to drink whiskey like I'm a whiskeyfish and forget the world.

My dog is leaving. My Dom might leave me. With the exception of these two it's been a horrible month. I just got used to not being on my it looks like I may be right back there during a particularly shitty period.

I am a sad country western song. WHERE IS T-SWIFT WHEN YOU NEED HER?!

Oh, and P.S.? No one at PP gives a shit about whether or not you have high risk HPV. They assume you already have it if you're having sex. Unless my cervix is effed up I will never know. In effect they pretty much advised me to "keep calm and wear a condom" and to tell SexGod to do the same...le sigh....this info is cold comfort right now, but at least I have my "I told you so!"s to keep me warm, right?