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The teen-age grandchild

My son turned 13 this past weekend, and I can see that it's going to cause problems. Oh, not for us! I'm perfectly delighted that he's suddenly cool with eating off the adult menu and actually wants to go to the mall on his own. He's grumpy, but hell, I married the king of all grumps.

No, the problem is my mother. She has no idea how to deal with him, now. For his birthday, he got several video games, and he'd planned on spending the rest of his break beating them. My mother decided that the kids should come over and spend break at her place.

I could see the angt in his face as he realized that he wasn't going to have any quality time with the PS3. To his credit, he chose to go with my mother because he knew her feelings would be hurt. Still, he's having trouble being enthusiastic while hanging around in a house that was set up to entertain much younger children.


She called, distressed. He was grumpy about going to the bank and the grocery store! He was snapping at his sister! He didn't want to do anything. I reminded her that he's not like his kindergartener sister who is delighted to go on any task that might get her a lollipop. His needs have evolved.

She wants to put it down to some crazy behavioral thing that he needs therapy for, which is ridiculous. He's being a perfectly normal teen boy, and honestly, he's holding up better than I would have at 13.

Have any other parents who have had teens run into this? Because I've fielded two calls already, and I'm *this* close to driving over there and getting him.

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