I posted the other day about MountainTeen's unreasonableness regarding her lost English textbook (and no, it still has not been located). This afternoon, at the end of what was a very long, very busy day at work, I was sitting at my desk when my cell phone started ringing. It was a number I didn't recognize, and I almost didn't answer it, but I decided it could be important.

"Is this Mrs. MountainMomma?"

"Yes ..."

"This is Mr. So-and-So, MountainTeen's Algebra 2 teacher ..."

Oh shit. This isn't going to be good. (Refer back to the, "what is 65 + 65?" question in my earlier post) He wanted to tell me that MountainTeen is missing some assignments. Yes, I've seen the online grade book, and I have spoken to her about that, and I get rolled eyes and, "I'll take care of it," in response. Then he says, "Well, I understand she has a job, and I think maybe she works too much and is tired because she often says that she worked late and didn't get her homework done." Oh dear. I wanted to ask him how long he's been teaching teens if he believes every line they tell him. Then I informed him that she usually only works one school day a week, and the other times she works are on weekends.

So I got the lowdown on the work she can make up, and proceeded to call her. She was on her way to the mall with friends to pick up her paycheck. I informed her that I had gotten a call from her teacher and that she would be spending the weekend completing math assignments. I could hear the heavy sighs over the phone and could just imagine the eye rolls as she said, "FINE. WHATEVER. OKAY." And then I said, "Once you get your check, head home. Don't make plans to go out tonight. You have math to do." To which she said ...

"WHAT????? I CAN'T GO OUT TONIGHT?????!!!!"


Ok, really? Was I just talking to myself? You are ONE POINT from failing math. You have multiple assignments to complete. I just called you up to read you the riot act. I informed you you will be working on them all weekend. What part of that sounds like I'm going to let you go socialize with friends? And then she says, "I wish you could have grounded me for the next month and just let me go out tonight. I had plans." I said, "Well, I wish you could have done all your work and not make me get calls from teachers. Looks like neither of us get what we want."


Whoever came up with the moniker Terrible Twos clearly never made it to the teenage years.