In the last two days, MountainTeen has baffled me with her illogical belief that I should spend $130 to replace books she lost and her belief that she should be able to go out with friends, despite nearly failing Algebra 2. I had to teach all day today and when I got home, I had no reason to believe things would be any different today. And, I was feeling in a sensitive state because during my lunch break, I was hit with a sudden UTI. Yes, just like that - I had to go to the bathroom and realized, "OMG, I know this feeling ... are you kidding me?"

And suddenly, like I had been punched in the gut, I was miserable. Cramps, chills, felt like puking. Fine in the morning, wanted to shoot myself by 1:00 in the afternoon. Luckily, my students were doing presentations in the afternoon, but after about an hour, I had to stop walking around and just pick a spot and sit, plus I had to leave the room several times. Finally, I dismissed class an hour early and drove straight to urgent care. Got prescriptions, dropped them off, and came home.

So I went into my room and laid down. I cried a little. I moaned a lot. Finally, at one point, my daughter came back to ask what was for dinner and when I said I wasn't cooking and she groaned, I explained why. And God bless her ... she offered to go to the drug store and get my medicine.


I wasn't sure it would be ready (it was going to cut it close to closing time) and I told her I was afraid I might have to fight with the pharmacist to make sure it got filled tonight. She said, "You think I won't argue with the pharmacist? My friends don't want to go through drive thrus with my anymore because I always argue to get my order exactly the way I want it." I asked her what she would say if the pharmacist said she couldn't fill the prescription tonight, and she said, "I'll just tell her my mom is lying at home in pain and needs this medicine now and I'm not leaving without it."


She totally redeemed herself. She can push me right to the edge of insanity and then she goes and does something totally amazingly decent.