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Why, dear god, why?!?!?!

15 years ago the teletubbies were a phenomenon among the under-6 set. Back then I was in my prime babysitting years and the only thing that the littles ones that I looked after knew for sure was that Tractor_Gal would NOT watch the teletubbies with them.

Seriously, that shit creeped me out. I found the teletubbies costumes to resemble something from a nightmare with their odd faces devoid of any real expression. And what the hell was up with the baby in the sun? I seemed to me, even back then, that someone had an acid trip that they then turned into a kid's television show.


And after 10 years, the BBC is bringing it back! UGH! Now that all my friends are having kids and I have nieces and nephews, I will have to reinstate the "No Teletubbies" rule when babysitting.

For those of you who are unacquainted, here is a video:

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