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The Ten Best Celebrity Appearances From The Early Days Of Sesame Street

Sesame Street has become a haven for cute celebrity appearances these days, but it wasn't always the case. Here are some of the best guest spots from the early days of the show.

James Earl Jones, 1969


Jones was the first ever guest star, appearing in the pilot. With his head shaved for The Great White Hope, Jones gave a great rendition of counting 1 to 10, quizzical about 5 and very appreciative of 7.

Lily Tomlin, 1979

The comedic powerhouse played her Edith Ann character in several sketches.

Madeline Kahn, 1978


The hilarious and gorgeous Kahn did a song with Grover in a precursor of the Muppet Show's guest segments.

Michael Jackson, 1978


Whatever you think of Michael now, he was incredibly sweet when faced with pure grouchiness in the Christmas special.

Buffy Ste. Marie, circa 1976


Ste. Marie was actually a regular on the show but this scene is notable for being the first example of a woman breastfeeding on TV. Her matter-of-fact explanation to Big Bird is still revolutionary.

Johnny Cash, circa 1973


The Man in Black became the Man in Denim and sang about "Nasty Dan" to an appreciative fan.

Paul Simon, 1978


"Me And Julio" was kind of made for Sesame Street, but it should be "Julio and I!"

Jackie Robinson, 1970


What can I possibly say? This is just wonderful.

Jessie Jackson, 1971


Okay, imagine this airing today. Fox News would explode. But the simple message that all people matter still needs saying.

Stevie Wonder, 1973


No more calls, we have a winner. One of the biggest stars on the planet takes over the show for almost seven minutes to teach us about superstitions and funk.

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