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The Texas Legislature's dirty little secret

Here's an excellent article about the Texas Legislature's dirty little secret. (Spoiler alert! It's misogyny.)


A few good excerpts:

“They have no right to do women this way,” she told her colleagues. “We have not earned this disrespect in this House. We fight here, we get elected just like you do, and we have not earned this kind of disrespect. I don’t want to tolerate it by anybody. Men, if you don’t stand up for us today, don’t you walk in this chamber tomorrow.

“Lawmakers, as we are, have an opportunity to shape the attitudes of the public. And those attitudes can be positive toward women, they can be negative toward women, or they can be both. That falls within all of our abilities.”

(from Senfronia Thompson’s “Matter of Personal Privilege” speech [the YouTube video in article, skip to 6:15 or so to get to the most gripping part]) Oh, and in case you hadn't heard, Senfronia Thompson is pretty much incredible. If you need something uplifting after reading this article, I'd recommend googling her name plus "women" and reading a few of the articles with awesome quotes/videos of her speaking. I just wanna meet her and shake her hand and fangirl out a bit after hearing her!

During the House budget debate in April, Brenham Republican Lois Kolkhorst and Austin Democrat Dawnna Dukes were debating an amendment. As the debate intensified, their male colleagues in the chamber started meowing and making angry cat noises. Several times each session, men in the House will make cat noises when two women are debating.


I just...I can't even. These are seriously our Texas Congressmen.

During a floor debate in Davis’ first session, Sen. Troy Fraser, a Republican from Horseshoe Bay, infamously told Davis that he couldn’t understand what she was saying because he “can’t hear women’s voices.”


I think he phrased it just right—these (elected!) douches just can't seem to fucking hear women's voices.

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