You may remember Kevin Pollak from The Untouchables or Casino, but for the last few years he's been hosting an online talk show called โ€” wait for it โ€” The Kevin Pollak Chat Show. He does a Charlie Rose-style sit-down around a table with a particularly interesting guest for about two hours. It should be great because he does get some pretty interesting guests, like Hank Azaria or Tom Hanks or Stephen Merchant or... sometimes women. Very infrequently, though, and they're usually "hot" (even if they happen to also be smart and interesting and feminist, like Gillian Jacobs).

Regardless, he books some good male guests that I want to listen to. Who I don't want to listen to, unfortunately, is Pollak who manages to completely ruin every interview he conducts by asking each question like he's tasting the words in his mouth before he says them, or name dropping B- and C-list celebrities like they're these total bombshell moments. The worst is when he adds in his own "cuh-razzzzy show bizzz" anecdotes as though he's half interviewing himself.

This is a very long way of saying I will do quite a bit for the delightful Bryan Fuller who manages, throughout this mishandled almost-boring interview to remain his charming, upbeat and darkly hilarious self.