Hello again! Time for another installment of the rials and triumphs of me becoming a mostly vegetarian! Boy Heathen and I are now going on almost two full months of weekday veg, and other than some chicken hanging out in the freezer- haven’t had any meat at all. In fact, we really have been edging into full time veggie territory. We have two more packs of frozen chicken and one small pork butt we have plans to pickle and use for red beans and rice. Once that meat is all used up, we have no intention of buying any new meat.

We’ve gotten really good at planning out meals on the weekends, it has saved us tons and tons of money and made the whole process a lot easier (since we can quibble over what to eat on the couch and not at the grocery store or in front of the stove).

We are trying to branch out into as many different world food styles and vegetables as possible- everything from Asian street noodles to Moroccan lentils to West African peanut soup. We’ve made lentil burgers and mushroom and cheese stromboli. In no way, shape or form are we not eating exceedingly well, or going without a varied(pretty) healthy diet. It’s also become a much fancier diet- turns out you can make really impressive meals for much cheaper when they are all veggie (Hoppin John souffle is both filling and fancy as all get out. Plus cost me about 4 dollars to make)And I really don’t miss meat- it’s not like I’m slavering over the thought of a steak or anything (though beef has been sounding better and better as I get closer to shark week).

But... I miss Buffalo wings. Goddamn it- I just want spicy little nuggets of crispy Buffalo-y goodness dipped in blue cheese. I want the fried crunch and the spice and the whole deal. Vegan sites keep telling me to use some sort of seitan-esque gluten “meat” that is cooked in broth and THEN fried or baked cauliflower or packaged up “chicken” strips and that seems like either

a) a lot of work for bar food

b) not at all what I’m looking for

c) a crap shoot on which “chicken” strips are any good.

It just feels like such a “first world” type complaint. I generally feel so much better than I did when we started this thing- I know I am getting more nutrition, and I’m eating more greens (but not kale. Fuck that bitter ass leaf) I don’t want to run out and buy chicken wings just to satisfy a passing craving, but at the same time I really fucking want some Buffalo.


Any body got any good recipes for appropriately crispy vehicles for Buffalo sauce and blue cheese? Or use this thread to share things you have given up, but still miss sometimes. We will commiserate together!