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So I was over at Sokka's today and I found something bittersweet: the gloves I gave him for Christmas back when we were still dating. They were cheap gloves- I had virtually no money then- but I personalized them by embroidering the Japanese kanji 好 (fondness, intense like) in red thread on the inside left tag. When we went out I'd usually hold his left hand, so when I gave them to him I told him that whenever he wore it it'd be like we were together. Cheesy, I know, but I'm big on symbols and we were semi long-distance and missed each other a lot.

So when I stumbled upon the gloves two years later and saw that he didn't (as I'd assumed) throw them out, he'd used them recently, and the kanji was still there I felt happy and sad and confused.*


Do you ever keep and use presents from exes? How about sentimental, personal ones? I still have some of the stuff Sokka gave me/left behind, but for the most part the stuff didn't have any real meaning behind it so I don't have that emotional attachment anymore.

*in case you don't know he is dating someone now and I've still got feelings for him. Yes he knows/always has. Yes we are still good friends. I suspect he has feelings too, but it's not my place to go there and he probably doesn't even remember the kanji or the significance of the gloves, even though he knows Japanese.

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