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Welcome To The Bitchery

The things you never had to think about before.

Now that I'm living alone for the first time in pretty much forever, I find myself faced with some interesting situations.

For example, as you may remember, I'm type 1 diabetic and have been all my life. However, since I've always been surrounded by other people, I've never really had to think about what will happen if someone finds me passed out, or worse, doesn't find me fast enough.


I used to wear a Medic Alert bracelet, but it broke. Then I tried a necklace. And I lost it. So after much deliberation and the semi-grudging approval of my mom (because no matter how old I am, I always seek Mom's approval), I'm finally getting my damn self a tattoo.

It's going to feature a blue circle, which is the universal symbol for diabetes. It'll also say "Diabetic," just in case. The plan is to put it on the inside of my arm, close to my wrist but not exactly on it. This way, it'll be easy to hide by a leather band/wide bracelet or my sleeve if need be. It'll be similar to this:

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A couple of work friends have volunteered to go with me, one will even supply me a Xanax. :D

I've also decided, once again, to move forward with the service dog adoption process. I'd put it on hold when Mr. Waffle and I were going to buy a house and adopt a dog of our own, but frankly if I'm going to live alone with just my cats, I can't trust them to run for help. I love them, but I can't rely on them. They take after their dad, hee hee. So, I'll happily accept any breed they pair me with, and love any name they give it. Let's hope the cats come around to a new brother or sister in their life. (Poor Norma, we've put you through so much already. My little trooper!)


I've also signed up for death/dismemberment and cancer benefits at work, and started a 401(k), because I'm a mothereffing adult, and someone should benefit from my eventual death.

What issues have you had to come to terms with and finally do some adulting on?

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