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These are replies from my blog rather than the post from GT — I don't want to bring out the Kinja trolls.


Keep in mind, the piece I wrote was about the reactions to the rape scene in Game of Thrones. I did not write a long treatise about how this scene was the worst ever scene, or that it was worse than murder or child abuse or torture. I'd also like to point out that I've written a few articles prior to this point where I did discuss the murder and torture and child abuse. Nobody ever argued that I was trying to make murder and torture worse than rape.

Reply 1 from bojangles:

Everyone was okay when the show was depicting murder, treachery, massacres, slavery, torture, child soldiers, incest, alcoholism, a woman giving birth to a demon, sacrificing newborns, burning people alive, hunting human beings for sport, Eddard being beheaded while his two daughters watch on in horror, children murdering children, robbery, prostitution, and pimping, but rape crosses a line?


This is pretty straight-forward. I've seen a variation of this comment EVERYWHERE online following the episode and people's reactions. I wrote a long reply back at my blog, but allow me to offer a shorter response here:

Fuck off with that. It's a silencing technique to say, "Stop yelling about rape as though it's worse than murder! Maybe it's the same, but you don't care about the murder of men, Feminazis!"


Now, I know for certain that when people do complain about the violence on the show, people like this also roll their eyes and say, "Ugh, that's what the show is all about. Don't like it? Don't watch." So at least they're somewhat consistent. But there's something about the way that they HATE people talking about the show's constant degradation of women in particular that's interesting.

Here's the next reply from hayourekiddingright

Felt like justice to me. After everything Cercei has done, she deserved to have something horrible happen to her. Don't like that? Well too bad


The worst part is... I can't even tell if this is a troll. I genuinely think that people think this way. I didn't touch this comment with a 10-foot pole either way.

And finally, the best comment comes from user Brian who seems to have a lot of thoughts about things:

I find it ironic that when a show that depicts drama has a scene like this, it brings out the "special interest" or "offended" types.

If I told you to shut up, and not comment, you'd quickly tell me that its your 1st amendment right….well that works both ways…same with the show. Did you protest the movie "The Accused"?? That was far worse. Even if you're "attacking" the "permissive" or rape excuse culture…its because something provoked the response. I'd bet someone was offended, someone offered their INTERPRETATION of the story, based either on the books or what they saw, and because it didnt line up with someone's personal values…the person or views are instantly deemed unworthy and whatnot.

Funny….calling someone a "racist" does the same damn thing. No one can have ANY damn opinion on shit these days, because too many people are quick to throw out labels..mostly because (I feel) that they lack the intelligence to have a rational conversation about the subject at hand….its all knee jerk. "Eww, he raped her. Soandso says it was asked for…" instead of asking WHY they felt that way, you go on to just assume that they are assholes and are approving of rape culture. Sickening at best.

This is why Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, racism, homophobia etc will thrive…because no one…NO ONE will have an HONEST conversation about anything. Its all about "being offended"….being offended gives power to those that have little in their lives.

Well…being offended doesn't matter one whit to me. I dont personally give a crap if it bothers you….why? Because of "freedom of choice". You CHOSE to get HBO…you CHOSE to watch the show…and only NOW you'll cry foul of view opinion??

I laugh that women and some men are crying foul over a perceived rape issue, but never mention the incest between the two in the first place…..uhm….


I do love when people try to say, "You can't be mad about this unless you were mad at EVERY OTHER SHOW OR MOVIE THAT PORTRAYED RAPE OR VIOLENCE."

Dude, it doesn't work that way. And even if I was upset about all of those things, they didn't all air for the first time on Sunday. But more importantly... Brian sounds like he's called a bigot a lot, hey? I mean to say, Brian sounds like a bigot, hey?


Anyway, I thought you might enjoy this. I've reached a point with troll-ish comments where I mostly roll my eyes and move on, but these felt like a particularly (and ironically) good example of exactly the attitudes I was talking about in my post.

I don't know if I want to ask the question: "Will people like this ever learn?" because I think not learning is part of their MO. But it still frustrates me that we can't talk about a rape scene on a major cable show without people telling us to shut our mouths and deal with it.

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