I answered the door naked today. This is what happened.

Tex had work at 6am today (Sunday), so when his alarm went off he asked me to book him a cab.

I went through the automated booking system while he was in the shower and before I could select a pick up time, the booking was confirmed!

I called back and cancelled it, and was halfway through booking a new one for later when someone starts BANG BANG BANG BANGBANGBANG knocking on the front door of my flat.

It's now 5.15 on a Sunday morning, and my flatmate (who hates me) has woken up.

I'm naked, halfway through booking another cab, and properly panicking.


Fuck it. Throw my phone down and run to the front door. It's the cab driver from the booking I cancelled. He is startled, to say the least. He refuses to wait, and tells me I should just book another cab. Gives me a huge lingering up-down look, and leaves.


I go back to my room, make the booking, and text an apology to my flatmate, who I can hear smashing around angrily in her room.

Worst. Morning. Ever.