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So. A little background so my rant makes sense:

My husband works for an MP of the federal opposition party in Canada. All year he has been waiting for an election to be called in a certain province, because he will be going there for little over a month to help out. His work-friend (let's call her WF) will also be doing the same thing.


In the meantime, I am a grad student with funding (I am so lucky), yet even though my husband has a great job, he and I are constantly broke because we have a crazy amount of student loans and rent in this city we moved to a year ago is triple what we paid before. Anyhow, we decided we would move in with WF who owns a house to save almost $300 every month.

This has been super hectic because we have a dog, and she has a dog and a cat. So we have been spending the last month making sure that they will be friends and whatnot. This has gone well, the doggies are BFFs, but still has been stressful as my husband and I haven't lived with roommates in a few years and I am nervous it could be terrible. This coming weekend we are moving our stuff into WF's house, and then next week I was going to clean and paint our rental before the end of August.

My husband JUST found out that they are going to call the election in the aforementioned province I will not name, and he may be leaving NEXT WEEK. WF also will be going.

Therefore, I will be alone for the next 6 weeks, in a strange house, with an extra dog and cat to take care of as well as playing referee between the three animals (two of which I barely know). I will have to unpack all of our stuff, clean and paint the rental alone. I also have an iud consultation appointment at the beginning of September, which will probably be followed by an iud insertion a few weeks later, which I will need my husband for because I am a big baby with pain and I will probably dope myself up on Ativan beforehand. Not to mention my classes start in a few weeks, all of the participants we have been testing for our research will be back in school, turning our schedules upside down and I will also have to do a big and hella important oral thesis proposal for my thesis committee.


AHH. Rant over.


ETA: I know this post doesn't really invite conversation, but I just needed to rant to someone other than my husband because this is his dream job and I really don't feel like it is fair for me to make him feel guilty since this is all out of his control. Thanks for the love GTers!

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