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The Town of Sorrento, LA is Going Down In Flames Today

They are trying to vote to dissolve the police force, and the former mayor has been booked on child porn charges. All in one day!

My friend works for the Parish of Ascension, and she has lots of fun backwards small government stories. But this has been quite a dramatic day.

New police chief misses meeting because she needs to babysit her grandchildren. Why did they need a new police chief? Because the old one is accused of sexual assault. Debates rise about dissolving the police force altogether, because:

"We had so many complaints on our police department. We paid so much money in lawsuits that we can't obtain liability insurance to cover them. This is why we're asking the voters to vote to abolish the police department," said Lambert.


Then, in another twist of events, former mayor Wilson Longanecker Jr. has been arrested for child porn possession.

Fun facts about Mr. Longanecker include that he quit being mayor on Facebook, and the name he goes by is "Boom Boom."

Now, I won't tolerate any making fun of "stupid" southerners or anything, because these corruption problems are common, and they are sad. This is a small town problem based on complete lack of government funding in a state run by Captain Fuckface. My friend manages engineering and development projects, and the neighboring town was about to get their first sewerage system. She had to guide people through filling out the forms to not have to pay fees (because they are low-income) because they don't know how to read them. In addition, many of the citizens wouldn't fill them out because they thought Obama would come after them if they filled out any government form. It sounds funny, but it's tremendously sad.

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