Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

I was SO proud of Sophie today — for the first time ever, she stayed in her bed when I got home from work. Usually I have to send her there and remind her multiple times to stay until she calms down enough that she can get herself under control.

So I praised her effusively, sat down on the couch and called to her to come much quicker than I usually do. She joyfully jumped up, climbed in my lap and put her front paws on my chest — and then vomited spectacularly down my favorite sweater.


ETA: Here she is looking ridiculously cute in the little shirt the vet gave her to keep her from scratching the punctures. She is doing great! Still lots of scabs, but no more redness or swelling. And she’s back to killing her toys and trying to make out with me, so clearly we’re getting back to normal 😀

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