Welcome To The Bitchery

The trolls are coming out to play. Here is some ice cream.

You bought something. Bravo. What an accomplishment. I bought lunch today. Looks like we both deserve praise, honor and recognition. But wait, my friend bought something too! And her friend did too! OMG! We're either all high achievers or you're an shallow, materialistic idiot.

I'm a shallow idiot you guys. 'Cause I bought something I had been too poor for months to buy and that I really wanted for a while but was responsible and paid shit I needed to pay. Like you know, plane tickets for my grad school interviews, bills, and stuffz.

I'm gonna feed the troll 'cause they want attention. I bought something I wanted and it was a successful day. Fuck all the rude bitches today 'cause I'm a boss.


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