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The Trouble with Normal

So as part of a GISHWHES item I was surfing Canadian songs from the 80's when I came across the lyrics for The Trouble with Normal by Bruce Cockburn released in 1983. It is eerie how contemporary the lyrics feel:

Strikes across the frontier and strikes for higher wage
Planet lurches to the right as ideologies engage
Suddenly it’s repression, moratorium on rights
What did they think the politics of panic would invite?
Person in the street shrugs — “Security comes first”
But the trouble with normal is it always gets worse

Callous men in business costume speak computerese
Play pinball with the Third World trying to keep it on its knees
Their single crop starvation plans put sugar in your tea
And the local Third World’s kept on reservations you don’t see
“It’ll all go back to normal if we put our nation first”


But the trouble with normal is it always gets worse

Fashionable fascism dominates the scene

don’t meet it’s easier to justify the means

Tenants get the dregs and landlords get the cream
As the grinding devolution of the democratic dream
Brings us men in gas masks dancing while the shells burst
The trouble with normal is it always gets worse



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