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"The Truth About Crisis Pregnancy Centers" - Look At The Data!

You must read this brilliant longform piece about Crisis Pregnancy Centers in Texas and how shithorribly godawful they are (I'm paraphrasing). The subtitle: State lawmakers diverted $36 million taxpayer dollars from women's health funding to these unregulated, Bible-touting centers. Oh, splendid.

The article was just published yesterday. It has statistics and data and facts, oh my! It's long, detailed, researched, and except for the obligatory vignette it wholly avoids manipulative pathos-inducing, logic-derailing rhetoric.

The article puts up all the numbers for how women's health funds are being slashed and options are being gutted.


Then it tears into how much money the CPCs are milking off the state (yes, you) and exactly where that money is going. Again, numbers, percentages, details, and research. It's a meticulously compiled narrative in which politics (the Cruz Family Circus kind), law, legislation, healthcare science, and theology crazynutters all converge and intersect on the issue of women's reproductive health/autonomy/safety.

It's a long read but it's worth it. If you don't have time, bookmark it for the next firefight.

(Image via source article on SA Current)

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