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The Truth About Hymens

I know, second post of the night, but I’m not even sorry.

I just wanted to see if any of you were watching Adam Ruins Everything. Adam Conover and his friends started doing things over at College Humor and now have a show on TrueTV. It’s thirty minutes and usually has one subjedt that he just facts the shit out of for half an hour.

Tonight’s new show was Adam Ruins Sex, where he interupts a couple and talks about circumcision and herpes. Then the woman realizes that neither men know anything true about the hyman and takes over the show. And they throw that stuff on the internet as soon as it airs, so here is the truth about Hymens.

It reruns at 1am in the central time zone.

ETA that Mini-Moxie declared her love for the show because the show throws lots of facts and sometimes she knows the already and sometimes she learns new things. Plus, she loves “learning new things from men in nice suits.”


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