I feel like I've read this exact article before.. and before.. and before. Here are some choice quotes:

An older woman can give a guy..

..A tutorial on how to please a woman looking for something other than someone with whom to have a child in the next few years.

On the girl who acts just like you! (And here I thought my utter dislike of romcoms and love of action movies was just good taste.)

Every man needs to experience that rare breed of gal who looks and talks like a woman, but loves sports and action flicks — in short, who acts like a guy.

Smarties can't be hotties! DUH. Also, the poor menz.

In the dating game, looks often trump intelligence — guys go for hotties rather than girls who can stand their ground in a heated debate ... they can help you ... handle those times in your life when you don’t know it all. “Men are so often intimidated by smart women — they have vulnerable egos and never want to feel as if any woman is showing them up,” says Dr. Gilda.


Girls who like sex are bad for you! (Essentially, eat'em up and puke'm out.)

The good news: These women actually exist ... Says Dr. Gilda, “Every guy needs to get this type of woman out of his system.."

There was a 5th type - the free spirit - but it felt more like a dig at guys in general than why dating a creative lady was necessary. Basically, dudes are incapable of thinking outside the box. Unsurprisingly, the article came from Match.com. I got enough giggles and eye-rolls out of reading it that I had to share.


5 Types of Women Guys Go For