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The UCSB shooting is really messing me up.

Shootings happen all of the time, unfortunately, and usually I don't think much about them, if I'm being honest with myself. But the UCSB shooting is really tripping me up, especially because it happened within a month of Maren Sanchez being stabbed to death for turning down a date to prom.

I didn't mention it at the time, but the Sanchez stabbing really hit home for me because a fact that kept getting mentioned was that the guy who asked her to prom did so already knowing she had a boyfriend. Last year my girlfriend had a problem with a creepy ex-boyfriend who suddenly reappeared in town and wouldn't leave her alone. Things came to a head one night when he showed up at a bar where we were having a drink with a mutual friend. I had had enough of his bugging her and basically got in his face to tell him to leave her alone and that I was her girlfriend. It had no affect on him whatsoever. I'm probably lucky I didn't get stabbed or punched by that asshat; he eventually disappeared (I'm guessing he was arrested or something).


The worst part about the UCSB shooting is that it's like some horrible joke come to life, like all of the stuff we kid about here in terms of MRA's and "not all men" coalesced into a very real tragedy.

Anyway, I should have written my Powder Room post for the week yesterday. It was going to be a follow-up to my gay superheroes post (and trust me there's a lot of material there), but I've just been like, ugh, what's the point of writing about stupid nerd stuff when there are girls and women being murdered because they didn't want to date a certain guy.

I'm just feeling so defeated right now as a woman and a feminist.

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