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The Ultimate Debate Of Our Time...

Y'know, we tackle a lot of serious issues here (cats vs. dogs, cake vs. pie), but there is one that hasn't been addresses here that we need to get resolved NOW.

Which Hippie Jesus Musical is the best: Godspell or Jesus Christ Superstar?

In this corner we have Godspell, the community theater favorite featuring the gentle hippie JC made famous by Victor Garber:

In the other corner we have Jesus Christ Superstar, the Andrew Lloyd Webber extravaganza featuring the angry JC made famous by Ted Neeley:

Now, a few rules: no theological debates. This is about the musicals, not whether JC existed or whether religion is good or bad. Also, if you have any experience with being in a production of either musical, tell us about it!


Also, did you know that both Neeley and Garber were in different movies nominated for Best Picture last year?

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