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The unbalanced lady is finally gone

Or, rather, she's been left.

I've written before about adventures in life regarding Babydaddy's girlfriend. She has a serious thing against me and we've seen each other about 3 times in 4 years. Here's a short list of what she's done:

She forbade Babydaddy from seeing me. When she found out we had met a couple times to talk about OUR DAUGHTER she accused him of cheating. She feared we would start reminiscing and he would leave her.


If he needed to pick up the kiddo or drop her off he was not to enter my house.

She told Little GV intimate details that little kids don't need to know about her dad and I breaking up.

She gave him hell until he paid for a $90/mo for childcare. I live 4 blocks from the school and have no problem with her coming here until he gets off work.

She encouraged Little GV to call her "mom" and convinced Babydaddy it should be kiddo's choice.


She locked him out of their shared online store by changing passwords.

She texted Mr GV that she is seeing someone else IN THE MIDDLE OF HIS WORK DAY. He actually showed up on my doorstep absolutely fuming and needing to talk.


Babydaddy finally decided to pull the trigger and they decided to live together for a couple months until she could find a place to go with her 7 cats (rent or buy). A week later he'd rented an apartment and is scheduled to move on the 3rd. Yesterday, he tells me he's staying with our mutual friends until he goes back Sunday to pack.

This man doesn't anger easily and she's PISSED him off. I'm proud of how he's handling it all. Unfortunately, he has to take Little GV out today to explain the accelerated pace of the moving out process and show her where he's moving to. She has to say goodbye to the ex-gf with whom she had a relationship, say goodbye to all of the cats, and pack up her room that she hasn't even seen in a week.


It sucks all around for Little and Babydaddy, but I can't help doing a little jig.

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