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The Unfriendening Continues

So this happened. (TLDR #notallmen from privileged, entitled old friend that I don't like, on FB. He's now on the restricted list.)

Then this conversation happened today.

Him: I'm blocked? Wow.

Me: You're not blocked. Although, frankly, after your last comment on my page, I was pretty ready to unfriend you completely. I thought a temporary restriction would be a better option until I cooled down.

Him: I assumed, apparently incorrectly, that I could express a contrary opinion. If you didn't like it, you could have told me so or removed it. I was a little surprised that when I looked at your page the next day, all I saw was a profile pic.

Me: Yeah, you assume a lot. Not on that subject. Not on a subject that I live every god damn day as a reality of my life, that you don't know a thing about. Having lived with both mental illness, and misogyny, I don't appreciate my lived experiences, nor that of millions of other woman's being the subject of your little opinion. It was privileged, entitled bullshit. It is not my job to educate you, when you can do that by just opening your eyes and listening.


I have not heard back. I really hope I don't. This guy needs to be gone. I mean, if he actually cared, I would have gotten "hey did I upset you?" But no, like everything else, he feels entitled to my friendship and is FLABBERGASTED that I would deny him. Fuck him. I'm done. The only thing that was holding me back was feeling like I'd really hurt his feelings if I ended it, but I am so far from giving a fuck about that. I ran out of fucks to give yesterday.

Also, what the hell was he doing stalking my facebook page?


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