Every once in awhile, someone says something so stupid that I immediately unfriend, because I feel like keeping them as a friend is tacit approval for their idiocy. So...today I got a friend request from a guy that I unfriended ages ago, because he's weird and we haven't spoken since grade school. At least as far as I remember. Maybe we exchanged a few words in jr. high or high school. Today I got a friend request from him, and it turns out that he just broke up with someone and boy is he bitter and hurting about it. So sure...ok...understandable, but not my cup of tea. So I posted on my page:

Men, if you just broke up with someone, now is not the time to send me a friend request. Shady. Particularly if I've already unfriended you.

So some dude I used to work with (and was friends with) pipes up:

As an outside observer of such things...women do that all the time and never get called out on it.


Um...so what? I realize this is far from the worst of what people see on facebook, but after getting that little window into the bitter, entitled mraness of his being, I just couldn't be bothered to talk about the concept of false equivalency, privilege, etc. So I deleted his response and unfriended him. He survived several culls by the skin of his teeth only because I thought he might be professionally useful, but he's not so now he's gone.

People are weird and I hate facebook.