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The universe doesn't want me to do laundry

I'm inclined to agree. (An aside: I did a google image search for "laundry" and it seems that some people take their laundry rooms very seriously. I wasn't aware, to me, it's just a room where I spill laundry detergent and curse.)

I put on my snow boots and brought two loads of laundry down to the laundry room. I loaded up the machines, dumped in the detergent, and realized that I'd forgotten my laundry card in the apartment. Fuck. So I trudged back up and retrieved it. Back down I went. I stuck it in the first machine and saw that there was only enough for one load on it. Fuck. So I trudged back up to get cash and back down I went... only to see that I actually had enough for four more loads, already on it. Really?


Oh, did I mention that the property manager was there while I went in and out and in and out of the laundry room? Really.

(P.S. I went for a black and white theme. I think it looks classy.)

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