Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

This morning I overslept, by like 2 hours. I could not get out of bed and had to text my boss and admit that my alarm did not wake me (1).


Then I backed my car into an opening gate (2). Note: I thought it was open, if that's not obvious. The car and gate are fine, after much fussing and a really annoying high-pitched beeping sound.

Then I almost get side-swiped on the drive to work (3), finally get to my office building, and I can't find my parking pass in my wallet (4). (It was later revealed to be hiding in the scary pile of receipts in the bottom of my purse.)


I thought bad things came in threes? Does this mean I'm on set 2 of bad things since four things have happened? Am I waiting for the shoe to drop on two other things? Or what if it's some weird mathematical bad luck trifecta of 3 sets of 3 bad things?

I am performing in a Christmas choir concert tonight, and am convinced that one or all of the following will happen:
- I will make a small child cry
- I will trip and fall and cause a domino of altos
- I will be horrendously late for our call time
- My dress will rip

Illustration for article titled The universe is trying to tell me something.

If anyone is looking for me, I will be hiding under my desk.

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