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The Unwanted House Guest: The Post-Credits Sting

This comes to us courtesy of Mr. Beaver, super-sleuth.

Yesterday, on his way home from work, he saw MEB standing out in front of the rush tickets line for that expensive play he and UHG allegedly went to. He was standing there, bold as brass, with a woman.* Who was not Mrs. MEB. (And not UGH, thank Groot.)


So in the Who Is The Worst Person In This Whole Scenario Sweepstakes... does MEB swoop in with a last-minute victory? Has he moved on from his torrid affair with UHG so quickly? Or is he simply an expert juggler, only rivalled the world over by that one time Hiddleston juggled in a moving car whilst in Germany?

What say you, hivemind? Also - can anybody tell me why this damn expensive play figures so prominently in all MEB's lies?

*And oh yes, was he most unequivocally with her.

**OmarGone - I'm so sorry I meant to mention the UHG coda this morning, and I completely spaced on it until it was too late to edit and this is my first opportunity to make a complete post. Also, did I mention I love you yet today?


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