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The Unwanted Houseguest: Vol. 17

First of all, I feel like this is the post where I should make it abundantly clear how much I love you all. This has been the most edifying (and hilarifying) experience of my GT life, and I really feel like this community is such a special place - you guys have moved me to tears (of various descriptions) so many times during this adventure and for that I need to say a heartfelt "thank you."

Special thanks to OmarGone and Kristinbytes for their standalone contributions to the OH HONEY NO canon - the pool, the bingo, the fanfiction and the screenplay. I bow to your absurdist sense of fun, and the energy and time you have devoted (and continue to devote!) to running these projects - long may they live in our beloved hivemind. I should also mention the delightful Ghengiskim, who suffered through The Relatives during our Hiatus - not only was it impeccable timing, but those posts brought us all great vicarious joy!


And now, for the news. UHG may have left us (SEE, MR. DISCONNECTED?) but she has left a legacy too precious to ignore. She has brought GT no less than FOUR new commenting members, and for that she is to be acknowledged as a true pillar of our community. Welcome, new friends - GT is amazing and don't forget to liberally apply the Hiddleston gifs while you're here, please and thank you.

But that's not all! I wrote this in a few comments last night because I was bursting with the news, but it turns out that UHG probably made at least some money on this trip (whether or not she worked at an actual job - who can say!) You will no doubt recall the incident I will affectionately call Pay-Per-Gift? Apparently it was also a case of Choose Your Own Reimbursement, because I found the sleeve for the "gift" in SmallBeaver's room last night:

Even with the tax added on, she made at LEAST $3 off of this transaction. But perhaps I'm being uncharitable - no doubt she simply factored in the cost of public transportation and/or her time. It's probably worth about that much, right?

One other funny story. This morning, SmallBeaver had a pile of straws next to her at breakfast. I asked her what they were for, and she said she would be using them as puppets and would I like to see a show? Absolutely, I said. She took four from the pile and arranged them in a weird pattern on the table. She explained that the straws represented yesterday - there was a straw for me, one for Mr. Beaver, one for herself and one for UHG, and they were arranged according to the floor plan of the house, each straw parallel to where our beds would be. It was sort of neat. I asked her if she could represent today for me. She picked up the UHG straw and THREW IT THE FUCK OVER HER SHOULDER, WHILE MAKING AN ACTUAL WHOOPING SOUND. I guess she's been holding those feelings in for a while - let it rip, SmallBeaver, it's deeply unhealthy to bottle things up!


And now, a programming note. I am indeed planning to publicly release the Email Of Doom after I deploy it. Work scuppered our plans for getting the celebratory Indian food last night, and SmallBeaver dances late tonight and tomorrow, so our next opportunity will be Friday. I want to post the food-porn pictures on Facebook before cutting the channels - because Loki always twists the knife just a little - so I will likely make a final post for the Email on Monday.

Which leaves us with tomorrow and Friday. I need to consult with OmarGone before one of us does a post to honour the winners of the various contests - I am making prizing avatar images for all the winners, along with a few extra awards for people who have also contributed in ways that fall outside of the contesting scope. I hope that post will happen tomorrow, which will leave us with a Commemorative Wordle post (one for every OH HONEY NO events post) on Friday.


And since this is the last proper UHG post, I should also say (and yes, I have been saving this joke for WAY TOO LONG)...

So long, and thanks for all the gifs!

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