Hi friends! Sorry I missed yesterday, work was a bit of a gong show and this morning I had a 100% useless meeting, so I'm quite behind. Apologies if it takes a while to reply/laugh along with all your commenting brilliance. Honestly, you guys are the best part of this whole shemozzle. But enough housekeeping, on to the news!

The Unwanted Touching of Mr. Beaver is apparently intensifying: we have now reached awkward hugging. Awkward mainly because the UHG is going in with full-breastage, and he is simply standing there, semi-recoiled, with his arms dangling uselessly at his sides.

OmarGone (keeper and glorious guardian of the Oh Honey No Pool and associated Fiction Contest) and I were talking about whether or not the back-patting fulfilled Item #11, Inappropriate with Mr. Beaver. Can y'all let us know in the comments what you think? I've been feeling like it's pretty close - what with the flirty "Mr. [LastName]" and rising physical familiarity. It feels like maybe it hits the spirit of the thing, but not the letter - or possibly (depending on how dark her motives really are!) the other way around. What say you?

Last night we had one brief interaction before I went upstairs to work (again.)

UHG, seeing our takeout boxes: What have you got there?
Me: Burritos!
UHG: Oh, well you could have just eaten the ones I made for you.
Me: Er, well, to be honest, I've been worried about how long they were unrefrigerated. Food safety, and all of that...
UHG: Oh, yeah, I guess they were out a while - I kept thinking you'd put them away.


And that's when I got up and threw the burrito fixings in the compost.

The other big news is that I had a HORRIBLE thought this morning, and upon investigation, had it confirmed, hilarifyingly. (Yep, I suspect I'll be using that one a lot.)


That's right. She booked a ONE-WAY FARE - I have flown this airline many times, and if it was a round-trip, the second leg would be listed directly under the first*. I didn't notice it originally because when she forwarded this email, she also wrote the arrival info in the body of the email along with some questions about picking her up, etc., so I didn't bother scrolling down way past all the airline confirmation junk.

Well, well, well. Tonight should be extra good, shouldn't it? I'm asking her point-blank when she's leaving - and something tells me what comes out of her mouth won't match what I have on the calendar (22 Oct.)

/rubs hands together. Bonus gif because I am legitimately excited:


*ETA that bit of info - I just realized it might help!