Hello, friends!

So last night I was all set to confront the UHG about her one-way plane ticket. I was thoroughly prepared for various responses, but as it turned out, she had booked her ticket before coming back from her brother's place in the afternoon. And why would she do that, you ask?

Well, apparently on Monday afternoon, she got word from her husband that a fancy hospital was checking his references with a view to hiring him. He has pre-existing relationships in the department, and is apparently their first choice. He will make $400K / yr if he takes the job, so... in her words, it's time "to repair the marriage."

HAHAHAHAHA so she really is a terrible person! She reminds me a little of Willoughby from Sense and Sensibility. Rides into town, messes about with Marianne (MEB) and then when things get to real, off she goes to a Miss Grey (Suddenly A Lot More Desirable Husband) with £50,000.

So the ticket is booked for October 22, as per my date on the calendar. (Sorry, pool!)


Two more things from today.

1) This morning, since she has YET ANOTHER random day off (WHAT THE HELL BUT I GUESS SHE IS NOW A LADY OF LEISURE), she asked me if SmallBeaver and I would accompany her to a [cultural thing in our town] on the morning of the 22nd, before she left. I told her I couldn't - I really need to work during the day (DUH) - and then she says, "Oh, I was hoping you could take the day off and then after the [thing] you could drive me to the airport."


2) SmallBeaver did a monster keyboarding/spelling test today, and got 98/100 words correct, the two mistakes being words she routinely spells correctly. Because she has no failure in her life but for what we can personally provide... she kind of freaked out. We're working on strategies, and she is soooooo much better than she was - usually she just needs a minute to get some perspective and think of things in a new way. It works best if I leave her alone - she's not great with sympathy that she feels she hasn't earned, and she really doesn't need me to scaffold a way out for her.


However, upon hearing the sniffling coming from SmallBeaver's room, the UHG immediately shot up the stairs, blew past my office door, burst into the kid's bedroom and said, "Ohhhhh, what's the matter? I'm here, honey."

She was confronted with a hiccup, a sniff, and a cold, "No thanks. I manage my feelings on my own; I'm not a baby."