Good morning, friends! Just a small list of weird stuff today - the UHG was out last night.

All of this stuff only qualifies as minor inconvenience, so I just dealt with it all as I discovered it - this is our living space and we need to actually use it!

While she was alone in the house yesterday evening (SmallBeaver had swimming, and Mr. Beaver wasn't back from work yet), she apparently stole some of SmallBeaver's gorp from the fridge, ate a bite of it, and left the rest on the counter, smeared onto a cutting board. Which, when I discovered the gorp, also had some left over pizza guts stuck to it - which in a way baffles me even more than taking a bit of something and then just leaving the rest out. The gorp is sticky - it is composed of peanut butter, milk powder, wheat germ, corn syrup and oatmeal - and these are not things I would like to see interacting with pizza.

She had a shower. Left towels on the floor. Huge pool of water. Left her shampoo/conditioner in the bottom of the tub. Also left a giant wet spot on the couch where she apparently lay down with her long, soaking wet hair. (I SHOULD PAUSE TO SAY THAT I REALLY HOPE THAT IS INDEED WHAT HAPPENED - if not, she appears to have peed on the couch!)

Mr. Beaver arrived home first last night and simply fled to his desk in the basement. SmallBeaver and I got home from her swimming class around 7pm, and then the UHG left a while later - ostensibly to "go to a play" (with MEB, natch.)


After SmallBeaver went to bed, Mr. Beaver did some sleuthing - and there's no way that's where she/they went. She left too late to get there on time, she was home way too early to have seen the whole thing, even if she took a cab back. Also, this morning, she made a HUGE deal out of opera prices, of all things - pointedly bemoaning the fact that the cheapest ticket was $XXX... which, thanks to Mr. Beaver, P.I., we know would be only about 1/2 the price of the cheapest tickets to the Very Expensive play she allegedly saw only part of. She gave a huge rant about culture being too pricey for the masses, yet no details about the play she allegedly saw - didn't mention it AT ALL.

This morning she announced to us all that she's going out tonight again - no word on where/with whom, so I think we can safely assume she's going to Hit It right up until Quitting It. I would love to know how (or when!) she plans on breaking it to the MEB that they have reached The End Of The Affair (because her husband is now a glittery goldmine.)



Oh, and just one more thing. This morning after her bathroom trip, she left her PJs, bra and underwear on the toilet seat. They're really quite fancy.