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The Unwanted Houseguest, Volume 2

Well. Well. Well.


We had The Talk. I gave a little speech about boundaries and rules, leaning heavily on how busy life is around our house (since i work and homeschool SmallBeaver simultaneously.) Here is the funniest part - this is now all so amusing that I had a very hard time not laughing aloud.

Me: So, really what I'm saying is that everything needs to change if you want to stay here.
Her: Well, it was an accident that I got so drunk. I had no idea it would be that bad.
Me: I fully understand that being so drunk you were sick for an entire day* would not be your plan - because that would be... a really bad plan.
Her: Are you mocking me?
Me: Definitely. Dude, I'm trying to keep it light, because this is all pretty bad. You're in a house with a child - this is not a frat.
Her: I know. But you don't seem to realize what a tough time this is for me.
Me: I really do, I promise. But your tough time is going to be made a lot worse if you destroy your living situation, which you are very, very close to doing.
Her: Wow. Really? Because it was a one time thing.
Me: Yes, it is. Now about MarriedExBoyfriend - what is your plan there?
Her: Well, it's happening.
Me: Not here.
Her: OK. But...
Me: Nope. You do what you have to do, but just like we talked about with our house - you're an adult, you clean up your own mess. If you involve me in ANY way in that, you will have to find other accommodations because this is not working for me.


So I felt pretty good about it - I was totally prepared. Thank you all for helping me out with good key phrases!

OH! i nearly forgot: this morning, she stole the first toast out of the oven - AGAIN destined for SmallBeaver. ah well, Rome wasn't built in a day.


*Actually, she was STILL sick this morning, so perhaps I continue to underestimate her?

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