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The Unwanted Houseguest, Volume 3

Sorry for the lack of weekend updates, I try to step away from tech on weekends since my work-week is ruled by it.

When we left off, the Unwanted Guest had blown into town, stolen a breakfast, gone out with her MarriedExBoyfriend, begun an affair with him, puked all over multiple locations in my house, and experienced two days of alcohol poisoning. So the month of her tenure in our house was clearly off to a roaring start!


Friday afternoon, I found out she'd just heard some amazing news from MarriedExBoyfriend, who only hours before had been texting her declarations of his undying love: it's over, because his wife is pregnant.

Is it the worst timing ever? Or... (and this is where I reveal I'm actually EvilBeaver) is it a little too convenient? While he was breaking the news, MarriedExBoyfriend apparently volunteered the information that they have a greater than 50% chance of losing the pregnancy. No reason for this probability was given, even though he was speaking to an actual doctor. Hm.

All of that is of course irrelevant - either way, Unwanted Guest is now gutted (understandably so) and spent the weekend walking around like a zombie. I do feel genuinely bad for her, but I'm also secretly relieved that this bizarre chapter is (allegedly) closed.

In other news, she pivoted quickly from her vision of a month of trysts to a month of local sightseeing, and attempted to enlist me to be her tour guide. Friends, you will be so proud - here is my text in full: "Sorry man, my time is limited and as I'm sure you know, my evenings are unpredictable due to this being my busiest work-season." She didn't even respond to that, hurray!


Next up, groceries on Sunday night. I brought her with me so she could contribute (as discussed) and when that didn't happen I saved the bill, worked out her percentage, wrote the total in RED on the receipt and left it in her room for her. IT'S GOING TO BE SO EXCITING!


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