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The Unwanted Houseguest, Volume 5

Good morning, friends! Going to bed last night, I really thought this was going to be a light post today with only two small items... but then I woke up.

I must confess that I sort of hid from the UHG yesterday. I did have a great deal of work to get through, and SmallBeaver had swimming in the evening, so when we got back from that I decided to feed the kid and let her watch 15 minutes of The Hollow Crown to fill up the time until her bedtime.


While I was making dinner, I discovered that UHG had broken off one of the knobs on the range hood, and casually left the pieces (PIECES! what kind of force do you need to snap it off AND break it?) shunted toward the back of the counter. Not in the garbage - but not really out in the open as a reminder to discuss/apologize - just apathetically pushed out of her way, in true UHG style.

I obviously couldn't deal with it in front of SmallBeaver - and really, beyond telling her to be careful with things that don't belong to her, there's not much else to be done: she can't replace or repair this knob - it's an older range hood, and it's just going to remain broken.

After tucking SmallBeaver into bed, I had more work to do, so I hid in the office. She showed up in the doorway just as I was shutting down, and said, "My phone service won't work. Can I use your phone tomorrow?" No, sorry - I need it. "But you work from home - you don't go anywhere, how much do you need it?" Well, the only reason I even got it is so that when I'm doing schoolwork with SmallBeaver, I can tell if I have urgent work emails coming in. Also, it's MY phone.


How does a person become this entitled? Also, does this mean her phone service is cut off? The phone lights up and everything - it just doesn't text, call or email. Hm.

Anyway, I was too tired to deal with her anymore, so I went to bed. Mr. Beaver was already asleep, since it was 1AM. But upon waking today, he told me some amazing stuff!


1) Since SmallBeaver and I were out when he and UHG got home last night, he was alone with her for about an hour, which she spent following him from room to room around the house! She spoke to him through our bedroom door while he changed out of his work clothes, went downstairs with him when he cleaned the cat litter, AND - wait for it - even through the BATHROOM DOOR. Is cross-country conversation A Thing?

2) This morning, she apparently complained to Mr. Beaver that HER towel hadn't been washed last night (we have separate hooks so everyone knows where his/her towel is!) I don't know how he reacted - the conversation was cut short, but I will update if I remember to ask him later.


Annnnnd I found she'd left an enormous (like, leaking out into the hall) puddle on the bathroom floor. Perhaps since her towel wasn't up to snuff, she elected to forgo drying herself off entirely?

I had planned to unveil the Great Showering Spreadsheet last night since she's apparently never going to tell us what time she needs to go in there every day (and it varies,) but when it came down to it I didn't have the energy or inclination, so I'll do that tonight - she doesn't work tomorrow. Should be fun!

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